Fashion Fall-Winter 2014

by Daniela Reiser

I am so excited for the new Paris Vogue Collections Fall-Winter 2014 issue. I am also very happy about my inspiration/mood choice I have made for my upcoming collection, however that stays a secret for a little while longer.....  


Harper's Bazaar Fall Fashion Issue (Biggest Issue Ever) 


While browsing book stores to find something great to read and get my fashion magazines, I found this fun little book. It is called 642 Fashion Things To Draw. It instantly reminded me of all my school projects in one book, a fun little side project to doodle around! 

642 Fashion Things to draw.jpg

It has everything from gladiator sandals, Marie Antoinette hairdo, Audrey Hepburn's little black dress, a teatime dress for Kate Middleton, Christian Louboutin heels, to much much more. Once you finish this book you will be a certified fashionista! Let's start with the first two on the page, since I am not the best in drawing I will give some picture examples and in the meantime work on my illustrations :-)

1. An Oversize Hair Bow (like this one from Juicy Couture)



2. Ankle-Strap Sandals


A sneak peak into the books (still empty) pages :-)