Organic "Citrus Lovers" Bath Bombs

by Daniela Reiser

The other day I came across organic bath bombs at a store, purchased a set of 6 (all different ones) and tried them out at home. They fizzed in the bath and released amazing scents, they had real flowers in them and as it dissolved the flower petals were all distributed in my bath tub. It was pure relaxation. When I came out of the bath my skin was immediately moisturized and it felt as if I had already put lotion/oil on my body, which meant for the winter months I could not worry about dry skin if I had baths with these bombs. However, the price of one was quite steep and I got curious as to making my own, so I read several blog posts and recipes on how to make them yourself, added all the products on my "to buy list" and in no time had all the necessary ingredients. There were a lot of choices I could make as to certain ingredients, it's like cooking, there are a few base elements that you need for example; baking soda and citric acid and the rest is up to the creator. I have a fridge full of essential oils so there was no need to worry about that. You can use a variety of oils, such as olive oil, avocado oil, Shea butter, coconut oil, whatever your heart desires. I followed vaguely a recipe just for the base ingredients but for the rest I just used what I felt was right. Most ingredients were organic and even the food colouring (which was very expensive) is all derived from vegetables. 

The only item I had not found at the grocery store were moulds, I wanted those silicone cookie moulds or a ball, so I ended up thinking, I will figure it out later. As soon as I finished the mixture I stood there not knowing what to use "oops".... and since I wanted to make "Citrus Lovers" bath bombs and just purchased organic mandarines and used the peel in my mixture, I had an idea. Why not use the mandarine peel as the shell. I cut one in half, carefully took the mandarine out and used it to stuff my mixture in. They came out perfectly and even resembled a mandarine in shape and colour.

I let them dry over night and took my first bath today, it was awesome, fizzed like the store bought ones and released an amazing aroma of various citrus fruits, from the essential oil mixture I created, and when I came out of the bath my body was moisturized from the coconut oil.

These were for sure not my last bath bombs, I have a lot of ideas as to the varieties I want to create, stay tuned for more on my home made bath bombs! Great timing for Christmas gifts :-) 

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Bath Bombs.jpg