Favorite beauty and health products

by Daniela Reiser

There is such a variety of beauty and health products on the market and it is hard to know what to buy. I personally have tried many different kinds and must say I have been sticking with the same ones for several years now. I sometimes mix it up and buy a new brand to try them out, however here are some of my all time favourites:

Dr. Hauschka.jpeg
Dr. Hauschka Makeup.jpg
Hauschka Bath Oil.jpg
Hauschka make up.jpg
Hauschka concealer.jpeg

I really love Dr. Hauschka's make up and bath oils! 

Goloy 33 is from Switzerland and I absolutely adore this cream, I use it for day and night.


I have tried so many different face washes over the years, DermaMed is by far the best I have found and it really works for me. Same goes for Saje's Carrot Mist, I use it as a toner and it is amazing.

Derma Med.jpg
Saje Carrot Mist.jpg

I recently purchased Annemarie Borlind's Rose Dew set and must say I LOVE it! The night cream is incredible. 

Annemarie Borelind.jpg

I was using Aveda for the past 8 years but recently changed to Pure Luxe, at first I wasn't sure about this product, I loved the smell but it seemed so different than Aveda , however after about 3 months my hair has never been so healthy, I can only recommend it. 

Pure Lux.png

A must have in my house is oregano oil, it is the best remedy for the cold and flu season. Another oil I just stumbled upon last week is "Thieves Oil" from Marseille's Remedy, I use it in my bath, a diffuser or even a couple of drops directly on my skin.

Marseille's Remedy.gif