From an idea to the finished produc

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It all starts with an idea or inspiration and you start collecting inspirational pictures, or items that fuel your creativity for a new collection. You create mood-boards, inspiration-boards and any board that helps you put together your vision for your next creations. You research trends, source fabrics and notions that work with the idea/inspiration.

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Than you make a ton of rough sketches and explore ideas in a sketch book, chose style lines, fabrics and silhouettes, until you come up with a cohesive rough collection.

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Than you start drafting a pattern for your first "muslin" 

(When sewing clothing, a dressmaker may test the fit of a garment, using an inexpensive muslin fabric before cutting the intended expensive fabric, thereby avoiding potential costly mistakes. The muslin garment is often called a "muslin", and the process is called "making a muslin". With the availability of inexpensive synthetic fabrics, which closely resemble the hand (drape and feel) of expensive natural fabrics, a test or fitting garment made of synthetics may still be referred to as a muslin, because the word has become the generic term for a test or fitting garment.)


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After the fitting of the muslin you adjust the pattern with necessary changes and add hems, collars and all the finishings, than you start cutting the final fabric and sew.

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Once the garments are finished, you organize a professional photoshoot and create a look book. 

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You create marketing material and invites for a fashion show. 

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