Photo by Mindfuel Photography

Photo by Mindfuel Photography

Daniela Reiser is the sole designer under the label 47th Parallel North. Being torn between two countries (Switzerland and Canada) all her life has enriched her designs to become a global emersion of tradition and modern style.

Daniela has travelled the world as a flight attendant, graduated from business school in Zurich, studied to become a yoga teacher in Vancouver and persued her dream of acting in Los Angeles before completely submerging all her knowledge and talents into fashion design.

Her traditional upbringing in Europe had influenced her early years with practical sewing, knitting, fabric manipulations and more, combined with a future in business has now evolved into an extensive knowledge and passion for research, trends and beauty.

Having the influences of two countries and cultures has been the driving force behind her creations. The company’s name, “47th Parallel North” has been the connector of the two worlds, since the 47th parallel runs through Canada as well as Switzerland. The number 47 represents strong attributes that are imperative to her designs and company, such as productivity, endurance, determination, discipline, honesty, integrity, passion and drive.

She creates for the modern, self-confident, woman who is ethical and environmental conscious and has a strong sense of who she is and what she wants. Her men’s line is just as strong while mixing classic comfortable pieces with a modern edge. Why not enjoy life to its fullest while being mindful towards values and integrity.

Strong statement pieces are combined with basics to give it the necessary flexibility of changing from day to night or dressing it up or down. High-end fabrics combined with exquisite craftsmanship are the reputation she strives for in every piece.

One thing you can be sure to expect from this designer and label are cruelty free designs.